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Halfling male.

Short, swift, and jovial, halflings hail from hidden glens and shires, and live for 100+ years. They are a diminutive and lighthearted people, despite their propensity for seclusion and solitude, and retain a youthful cheeriness long into their old age. Within the realm, little is known of these folk, for they have the unique ability to be all but forgotten and unseen when they so desire it.

Racial Advantages[edit]

  • Gain +1 to hide
  • Gain +1 to sneak
  • Inflict -1 to ranged attacks against the halfling
  • Gain +1 power point per level

History & Society[edit]

Halfings have spent an enormous amount of energy maintaining their family histories and records over their now-innumerable generations, though this is done more for posterity than any other reason. The natural state of the halfling is given to the present, and only on rare occasions are they like to wax of the past, or speculate on the future. They live in secluded, loosely organized communities secreted away in idyllic, fertile lands, enjoying the company of their neighbors, but keeping more to themselves than not, caring little for progress, and less for change.

Playing a Halfling[edit]

A halfling is always good-natured, ever-ready for leisure or labor, and as such, makes an excellent companion and stalwart adventurer. Despite their diminutive stature, halflings excel at virtually anything they dedicate themselves to, but possess a special predilection for the rogue class, in which their natural inclination to stealth and secrecy aids them greatly.

Personality Traits[edit]

Positive Traits

Roll 1d10 and select a positive trait from the table below:

  1. Beguiling
  2. Fun-loving
  3. Selfless
  4. Lyrical
  5. Personable
  6. Helpful
  7. Good-natured
  8. Energetic
  9. Selfless
  10. Idealistic

Positive Traits

Roll 1d10 and select a negative trait from the table below:

  1. Aimless
  2. Excitable
  3. Anxious
  4. Forgetful
  5. Naive
  6. Compulsive
  7. Self-indulgent
  8. Tactless
  9. Unreliable
  10. Disorganized