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… to the official Wiki for Tiny d10: the free, tiny tabletop RPG system! Here you will find a wide range of information pertaining to classes, monsters, races, weapons, and more -- much of which cannot be found in the core documents. While this site is dedicated largely to fantasy content, it will nevertheless host contributed content under their respective sections.

News & Updates

Publication of the first physical edition of Tiny d10 is underway! Titled Tiny d10: Fantasy Core, this edition will include Fantasy Core Rules, Fantasy Monsters, and the Keep in the Hinterlands adventure module -- all updated and rewritten, and bound in a letter-sized, saddle-stitched physical book totaling 50+ pages! Content is currently being edited and formatted. Once published, it will not be available for sale, but the print-on-demand files will be made available for players and game masters wishing to get their hands on one! More details on that soon.

Fantasy Content


A complete list of fantasy races, including core, supplemental, and homebrewed races.


A complete list of fantasy classes, including core, supplemental, and homebrewed classes.


A complete list of fantasy abilities, including monster abilities.


A complete list of fantasy spells, including monster spells.


Including magical and non-magical items, treasures, significant artifacts, and more.


A complete list of fantasy monsters.


All fantasy adventure content, including adventures, one-shots, dungeon crawls, and settings.


A collection of resources for running fantasy games.


All additional or supplementary rules not included in the core document.

Featured Content

Adventure Module: Fort in the Hinterlands (FitH) is an introductory adventure module for four-to-six players of levels 1-2. Heavily inspired by Keep on the Borderlands, it consists of a military fort, a wilderness area, and a vast network of caverns haunted by fell beasts and foul deeds. This adventure is currently in active development, and is slated for release with Fantasy Core.