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… to the official Wiki for Tiny d10: the free, tiny tabletop RPG system! Here you will find a wide range of information pertaining to classes, monsters, races, weapons, and more -- much of which cannot be found in the core documents. While this site is dedicated largely to fantasy content, it will nevertheless host all forms of content under their respective sections.

News & Updates

Publication of the first physical edition of Tiny d10 is complete! Tiny d10: Fantasy Core includes Fantasy Core Rules, Fantasy Monsters, and The Broken Light adventure module -- all updated and rewritten, printed in a letter-sized, perfect-bound book totaling 60+ pages! It is available for purchase here for just $10!

Note: the domain has been discontinued. Regular updates -- to include new content -- will be available here going forward.

Game Genres

  • Fantasy - the world of monsters and magic, wherein well-known fantasy races (e.g. elves and halflings) and classes (e.g. clerics and rogues) engage in the eternal struggle between good and evil.
  • Pulp - the world at the turn of the 20th century, wherein globe-trotting adventurers and unlikely heroes of all stripes travel the world in search of fame, fortune, and intrigue.
  • Western - the world of the wild west, wherein such characters as gunslingers, cow punchers, and everyone in-between fight tooth-and-nail for what little gold and glory hides in the brutal, sunbaked deserts of the southwestern United States.

Featured Content

Adventure Module: Fort in the Hinterlands is an introductory fantasy adventure module for four-to-six players of levels 1-2. Heavily inspired by Keep on the Borderlands, it consists of a military fort, a wilderness area, and a vast network of caverns haunted by fell beasts and foul deeds. This module is currently in active development and components are made available as they are completed.